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Developing A Renewable Future

Financing Energy Projects

Control Your Energy Future

LEGACY Energy Development


We offer complete renewable energy development services that address your future in energy. Energy already controls the future so meeting the challenges ahead is critical to your success. Our position is at your side navigating towards energy independence and energy security.

Renewable Energy Has Already Shaped The Future


The future in energy has already been shaped bu renewable energy. The questions becomes: Is your business ready to survive in that future? Finding those answers, and pointing you in the right direction is more of a challenge than most imagine. Let’s start this process now!

Financing, Construction, and Consulting


10 years of solar finance and solar construction experience allow our team to offer a highly competitive service to help you grow to embrace your energy future. Please contact us for a complete analysis of your current energy profile, and find out where the path to a prosperous renewable energy future will take you.

Energy Controls The Future

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