We aren’t accustomed to New Year’s Resolutions having a “Best if used before” date attached to them, however when it comes to Solar Energy the clock is literally ticking as we enter 2018.

The two important factors making 2018 your best year for Solar + Batteries are the impending loss of the 30% Federal Tax Credit, and impending trade tariffs that will increase solar module prices. By acting early in 2018 you can guarantee the best return on your Solar + Battery energy investment.

By January 30, 2018 Donald Trump will have decided upon a tariff structure to impose on solar modules, potential increasing some module prices in the U.S. Since the tariff will be targeted on Chinese lower-cost modules it will be the lowest-cost solar most highly effected. In fact, availability of solar modules at the lower prices are very tight currently. Many manufactures have already begun to alter their procurement procedures in anticipation of tariffs being imposed by the International Trade Commission.

We suggest you set your 2018 New Year’s Resolution on a smart, financial goal: Get Solar + Batteries for your home and business now!




The most popular and typical New Year’s Resolutions like losing weight, stopping smoking, or choosing to spend more time with family are wonderful goals to point towards. However, a Solar + Batteries resolution can return to you a financial and environmental reward every day, every month, every year, for the next 20+ years.




Solar + Batteries can bring you real dollars, and real fundamental change for your personal finances, but you must act now to get full advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit for getting solar. Remember, you can get a rebate with the California SGIP (Self Generation Incentive Program) for Solar + Batteries. (Example: Residential home SGIP Rebate can equal about $4,500 towards the cost of the battery) but you must act early in the year to guarantee funds are available.




The Federal 30% Tax Credit for solar is set to “Step-Down” to 22% in just 2-years. The final “Step-Down” will take place in 2022 leaving only a 10% Tax Credit for Commercial Business. While the 2017 Trump Tax plan did not alter the current 30% Tax Credit for solar, there is nothing stopping him from reducing it sooner, or eliminating it all together in 2019.

Make 2018 the year you get Solar + Batteries and get control of your energy future! Your business will thank you with higher profits and lower cost of operations. Your family with thank you with lower monthly living costs and emergency energy for your family safety.

The earth will thank you too. . . for the 195 metric tons of carbon that Solar + Batteries will offset in your home (not including your business carbon footprint.) We are quickly approaching the point of understanding exactly the many health benefits that a low-carbon, low-emissions energy future will bring us and to our children.

(PS: That’s a Caterpillar 777 ADT – the largest dump-truck in the world weighing in at 60 metric tons. Now you have an idea of the size of your 195 metric ton contribution to global warming without Solar + Batteries.)




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