Donald Trump signed his tax bill and as expected will continue the 30% tax break for solar, making 2018 the best time to take advantage of solar. The tax bill passed on nearly a party-line vote of 272 to 208, and the solar industry has emerged happily unscathed. There is a Senate version that also leaves the ITC (30% Solar Investment Tax Credit) fully intact without change.

The solar industry has spent months worrying that Trump would eliminate or change the 30% tax credit for homeowners who want to take advantage of saving money with solar, or homeowners who want to add energy security in the form of energy storage batteries.

Solar has never offered more in potential savings than today. The 2017 Southern California Utility rate increase of 7% is only the beginning. Starting in 2018 there is another 11% rate increase already planned and approved by the CPUC (California Public Utility Commission.)

More than half the utility increase requested is attributed to what the utility called “modernization efforts” that include upgrading electrical equipment, improving the safety of its underground and overhead power lines, and ensuring the safety of more than 14,000 miles of natural gas pipelines




Solar keeps it simple! 20+ years of solar production can save you nearly $50,000 over the utility costs (for an average home in California), as well as increase the value of your home. The grid can never compete with energy security that solar + energy storage can deliver to your home and family during times of emergency when the grid fails.



Of course, the benefits of solar goes well beyond the money you will reclaim from the utility company. We all have a duty to preserve our natural environment for future generations of Americans. The impacts of climate change are real and having a serious impact on California already. Clean renewable solar energy is the key to that preservation. The fact that you can save MORE with clean solar than with the utility company makes choosing solar a very simple decision, with long ranging positive impacts on our future.



We are happy to help you get started today by presenting you with a complete proposal outlining your solar savings, the cost of the system, long term benefits, as well as financing options that are easy and competitive. Waiting will only cost you more money, and potentially you risk losing a 30% Federal Tax Credit. While Donald Trump has not changed the Federal Solar Tax Credit this year. . . there is no guarantee that it will continue.



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