Do you know what utility rate demand charges are costing your business?

Would you be surprised to know you are paying over $15 per kWh of electricity during your peak business cycle?

Many of our commercial clients don’t realize just how much money they lose in profits every day from the normal energy spikes in their daily energy needs.



In California you could be paying anywhere from $11 to $25 per kWh, or more when you power up all your equipment at 8:00 AM every morning. Obviously, the only way to attack this early morning energy spike is directly at the time of need is with batteries. There are several terms that you might have heard that describe the demand shaving process:


Demand Shaving – Peak Shaving – Load Leveling – Demand Management – Critical Load Offset – Arbitrage

They all mean the same thing: Replacing Expensive Energy with Cheaper Energy.

The utility company bases your demand rates on the highest amount of energy you used over the last year. They pick that single highest spike and set your demand rate for the entire year. By reducing that single peak you can essentially cut your utility rates by huge amounts. The biggest surprise is that you do not need a large battery, or an overly expensive battery to accomplish an effective demand-shave. What you really need is a smart battery. A system that can analyze your past usage, and predict when you will need a spike of energy and supplying it from your battery.



Utility companies are scared of batteries.

Batteries can do something that a Coal-Plant – or Natural Gas Peaker Plant  cannot do – Batteries and turn on and off in a split second, effortlessly, and cleanly. In a modern grid every kWh of electricity supply and demand must be matched second by second, with alternating current (AC) frequency held in a tight control. The most expensive energy to generate is the spike. A large coal plant needs to be capable of “spinning up” quickly in the event of, say, the sudden need of all your office lights going on, and all your equipment turning on at 6:00 AM.

For a coal or gas powered peaker plant to play this role, it must be kept running, all day and night, at a constant low level, wasting fuel and spitting out emissions, just to be ready in-case you need energy fast.

Batteries can do it better! It costs nothing for a battery to turn on, start from zero and leap into full energy service almost instantaneously.



For your business the future has never been brighter and cleaner! A battery peak-shaving system can drastically reduce your utility bill and also has other benefits:

Energy Storage Batteries can be put to service WITH or even WITHOUT solar added to your rooftop.

30% Tax Credit for adding Solar + Energy Storage Batteries.

100% Depreciation of first-year system costs under the 2018 Tax Bill

SGIP: Self Generation Incentive Program Rebates

Thousands of dollars on savings over 10+ years of battery lifespan

Critical back-up power for use in emergency situations



Don’t wait for the future . .  It’s already here!

2018 has become the best year to make the switch for your business over to solar + battery storage. This year holds the highest rebate amounts and the highest tax credit of 30%. Waiting will only cost you more and you risk falling behind the business competition on the energy front. The savings that batteries can produce become the funds for you to invest in future expansion, plant upgrades, or added benefits to your employees.

We are rapidly approaching a scenario in business that pits energy-smart companies against the energy foolish. 



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