Remember the sci-fi-action-thriller from 2004: The Day After Tomorrow?

For the last several months the solar industry has been the brunt of doom & gloom in the news industry, spinning a wild fantastic story: What will the world look like after Trumps Solar Tariffs?

I can confidently report back to you from the front lines that solar is still here, and will continue to beat the price of dirty energy all the while growing faster than predicted.

Today, regardless of Trump’s tariffs, is another day of fighting for our right to independent clean energy, free from government oppression, free from federal and state over-regulation. It is the same war that every new industry has had to fight against our own government since the beginning of economics. It’s another day fighting to save the world with clean energy from the effects of 100 years of dirty energy. We are still winning. 



Doom and gloom makes great headline news for selling advertising on 24-hour news channels. But it will never stop solar from beating the dollars out of Big Oil, and Big Utility.

Adding a tariff won’t stop people and businesses from taking control of their energy security today, tomorrow, or any day. The simple monetary facts cannot be denied:

Solar + Energy storage can currently save you many thousands of dollars over 20+ years of reliable service

Solar + Energy Storage is cleaner, safer, easier, and faster to install than all other power sources.

Let’s get to the facts of the tariffs themselves:

Trump ultimately approved a 30% solar import tariff for crystalline-silicon solar cells and modules imported from China and South Korea. In addition, 2.5 gigawatts of cheap cells are exempt from the tariffs each year. The tariff does not affect solar cells from Canada, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mexico, South America or the EU.

  • The Tariff steps down by 5 percentage points each year
  • 2018 = 15% tariff
  • 2019 = 10% tariff
  • 2020 = 5% tariff
  • 2021 =0% tariff

In reality – Utility-scale solar will take the brunt of the impact, accounting for 65 percent of the anticipated 7.6-gigawatt decline of the market due to tariffs. Ironically it is the Big Utility and Big Oil Companies that are the majority buyers of cheap solar imports for their large solar fields. The vast majority of businesses and homeowners tend to buy higher quality solar already since they know the value in quality, warranty, and energy production over cheap modules.

Beyond the doom & gloom of the headline news is the single undeniable fact: The price of solar energy as forecast by the fossil fuel industry will drop below the cost of fossil fuels within 7 short years. Now you know why Big Oil is rapidly acquiring solar, and other renewable energy portfolios at a record pace.



And another irony: Solar tariffs will do nothing to stop energy storage battery prices from falling faster than solar prices are. Adding a tariff won’t stop the overall price of solar from falling: It’s called the economy of scale. The more you make, the cheaper it is to make. This includes the highest quality solar modules which will see more sales as tariffs reduce cheaper modules in the market: End result is lower priced higher quality modules.



Tariffs won’t stop Canadian Solar, Tesla, SunPower, Sharp, LG, or Hyundai from continuing to make the best high quality solar available.

Tariffs won’t stop the research into Perovskite Solar Cells which are predicted to be even cheaper than all current solar module technology within a few years.

Tariffs won’t stop you from saving money. Unless you actually start believing the doom & gloom fiction on the news.



2018 is a great year to get solar! The tax incentives have never been higher, utility rates have increased yet again, and solar module prices are the lowers they have ever been. Get control of your energy future and your energy security! In the same amount of time it takes to have lunch together, we can show you what 20-years of solar will save you in dollars. We are ready today!

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