Revsolar supports the charitable missions that build stronger San Diego communities, and give struggling families the support they need to overcome crisis.

For all attendees of the Operation HOPE – Spring Into HOPE Dinner and Auction: Saturday March 24th and in celebration of our rooftop solar project at Operation HOPE Vista,


Revsolar will donate $1,000 in your name to benefit Operation HOPE when you agree to go solar with us.


Every dollar they save on utilities with solar is a dollar that can be used to further their community goals. Our support of Operation Hope did not end when we completed the solar system at their facility in Vista. We encourage you to take advantage of the savings that solar can have on YOUR finances, and to support San Diego non-profits!

Our offer is valid for any residential solar PV system in Southern California with a signed agreement in place prior to December 31, 2018.

Contact Revsolar, Gregory Dalmas at 858-652-8871 or by email at



Operation Hope is a Vista, California shelter specifically serving families, and women with children. They provide food, housing, and intensive support services to help get families in crisis back on their feet.

In August 2016, Operation Hope Vista shifted from a winter-only shelter, to a facility offering beds year-round. No longer do the rooms sit empty seven months per year. But, becoming a year-around shelter taught Operation HOPE a far more significant lesson: its true mission.

“When we became a year-round facility, the clientele and the needs dramatically changed. It meant giving people more than a short-term roof. It was a chance to help them achieve self-reliance in profound ways,” said Executive Director Kathleen Higgins. “Operations during the summer months require far more electricity than in the past as a winter-only facility. It has made us grow, our program has grown, our staff has increased, we are helping more people. We knew that our utility bills would be going up and solar was the solution.”

In September 2017, Revsolar completed the installation of a rooftop solar PV system at Operation HOPE that will significantly reduce electricity costs and help the organization maintain their year-round operations and outreach.

Said Brett Jarman, CEO of Revsolar, “The ability of solar to transform non-profits is a bonus for us. We always know we can save people money and that’s a great thing. But now we can positively benefit the lives of people in ways we never imagined. Every dollar they save with solar is a dollar they can put towards helping a family in need.”

Revsolar offers a unique solar program, The Solar Legacy, specifically designed to benefit the non-profit community.
The Solar Legacy program provides:
  • Immediate positive cash flow
  • Production guarantees and maintenance for 20 years
  • Easy qualification for non-profits who own their buildings






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