SDG&E New 2018 Rates. . . Up, Up and Up! But have no fear because Energy Storage is here to stay. Analysis of the new rate structure show that the time for Energy Storage batteries has certainly arrived.



SDG&E has unveiled their “New” rate structure and no surprise . . . your rates are going up. In typical fashion the new rates are specifically designed to be confusing, complex, and costly for everyone.

  • Demand charges are rising by 108% for the winter months!
  • Summer Peak energy charges are rising by 38% (to become $0.5242 per kwh)
  • Winter Peak energy charges are rising by 80% (to become $0.2834 per kwh)
  • ALL Off-Peak rates are up – most notably Winter-Off-Peak rising 17.9%
  • Basic Service Fees are rising by 20% (to become $139.73 per year)

The average residential home will see an increase of between 10% to 12% on their utility bill. For large homes with high energy usage (over 1,200 kwh per month) there is a new “Super-User Surcharge” rate that will increase rates 88%!



With rates rise for BOTH “usage” and “demand” the best solution becomes solar + energy storage. Energy storage also brings the added benefit of addressing grid insecurity, aka black-outs.

You don’t have to search far to find substantial evidence of the rising number of days and instances of grid-electricity disruption. Increasing extreme weather events matched with an aging SDG&E infrastructure have already been proven to cause major fire events. The question is not “if” the power will go out for days, but “when” will the power be out. . .  and are you prepared for that inevitability?



Solar + energy storage for your home is a simple process and today’s home energy storage battery systems are closer to “plug-and-play” than ever before. The tax benefits still include a 30% tax credit for home owners that translates into nearly $9,000 for the average family in California. Energy storage batteries

Consider the many benefits of Solar + Energy Storage (or Energy Storage alone without solar) for your home and family:

Savings: Solar + Energy Storage beats the utilities at less than ½ the price of their electricity.

Security: Emergency power available during extreme events.

Transportation: Solar + Energy Storage can fully power your transportation.

Environment: Decreased carbon dioxide emissions support efforts to reduce climate change effects.

Economy: Increase in the economic value of battery and solar power strengthened U.S. competitiveness in the clean energy race.

Jobs: Growing income sources for local business and jobs in manufacturing, engineering, construction, transportation and finance.


Taking your first step towards energy empowerment is easier than ever before.
Simply contact Revsolar and we will be happy to meet you in person at your home.
Our Solar + Energy Storage proposal will clearly show you the long-term savings, cost benefits, and system configuration.
Financing options today are better than ever and by acting now you can guarantee you will get a 30% Federal Tax Credit, and the SGIP (Self-Generation Incentive Program) can add another estimate $4,500 in rebates. 





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