Congratulations to San Diego and Los Angeles!

The west coast is leading the country (again!) in solar power along with the 10-top solar-power-generating cities in the USA. The United States now has enough electricity generated from solar PV to power 10.1 million homes. That is 26 times more capacity as was installed at the end of 2010. Los Angeles is also among the several cities attempting to go 100% renewable energy in the very near future.

San Diego too, has its own ambitions of a 100% renewable energy future that include soft partnerships between the utility and our city government. Community choice also is a growing program that could accelerate the switch to 100% renewable energy.


Even though this group of 10 exceptional cities only comprises 0.1% of the total land mass in the United States, combined they account for 1,840 megawatts of total power generation: that’s almost equal to the entire United Kingdoms solar power of 2,000 megawatts.

What makes these cities so much better at preparing for the future?

What drives these cities to make policies that reflect their citizens concerns for the future of energy and the environment?

There is a fundamental choice that all the top cities have made in their direction: People Come First!




The 2018 SHINING CITIES REPORT is a fantastic resource for understanding the political and community wide efforts needed for cities to thrive and grow in the coming era. I have a PDF copy included here for further reading.




In San Diego we have a Climate Action Plan that addresses the top 5 critical issues that we must address together, as a community, on order to be prepared for the challenges of the future. I have included a PDF copy here for further reading.





Solar power is expanding rapidly today driven by falling prices and growing technology. There is nothing stopping you from saving with solar today and joining in the fight to save our environment for future generations. Even with the spectacular growth of solar PV technology there is more we can each do. 

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have invested in solar energy and the combined savings goes far beyond just the dollars saved. A single home with solar in San Diego can eliminate 4.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the environment every year.



Solar power can allow cities to curb emissions that contribute to global warming, become more resilient to severe weather, help residents stabilize their energy bills, and improve public health through reduced air pollution.

Our home-town of Southern California is a leader in quality of life, technology, and policies that are fighting to save people money with solar power. The average home-owner in SoCal can save $30,000 over 20-years of solar power.






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