After over 10 years of Solar Financing experience we have finally found a unique financing product specifically designed for non-profits and charitable missions.  We already know that solar PV will dramatically lower utility costs, but that was not enough for a non-profit.

Non-Profits typically do not have the kind of cash laying around to make full ownership of solar a possibility. Also, non-profits do not enjoy the same tax-benefits of typical corporations. Non-Profits are NOT eligible to take advantage of the 30% Federal tax Credit for getting solar that a traditional company will take.


Welcome to The Solar Legacy – Our Mission is Your Energy Future!


Solar will provide a level cost of energy without the utility company yearly increases, and a lower cost of energy than you are currently paying. Non-profit religious groups, schools, and community organizations can all benefit from solar.

Our Solar + Financing Experience

Ten years of solar finance and solar construction experience allow our team to offer a highly competitive solar solution for your non-profit. We offer a customized solar consultation that will show you the savings and financial benefits up-front.



The Solar Legacy will Benefit Your Mission

A solar PV system brings added value to your non-profit mission. Every month you will have more cash to allot towards operating expenses and mission fulfillment. Level energy costs help make your monthly spending go further, without the worry about yearly utility rate increases. We are proud to be part of the financial solution to keeping your mission strong.


The story of the positive effects that solar can have for a non-profit is evident in the story of Operation HOPE Shelter – Vista California.

In August 2016, Operation Hope Vista shifted from a winter-only shelter, to a facility offering beds year-round. No longer do the rooms sit empty seven months per year. But, becoming a year-around shelter taught Operation HOPE a far more significant lesson: its true mission.

“When we became a year-round facility, the clientele and the needs dramatically changed. It meant giving people more than a short-term roof. It was a chance to help them achieve self-reliance in profound ways,” said Executive Director Kathleen Higgins. “Operations during the summer months require far more electricity than in the past as a winter-only facility. It has made us grow, our program has grown, our staff has increased, we are helping more people. We knew that our utility bills would be going up and solar was the solution.”




The Solar Legacy makes the process simple and easy. Remember, your buying the solar energy at a rate that beats the utility every time. Your savings start from day-1 with ZERO money out of pocket.

The Solar Legacy goes on to deliver more than just low cost, clean energy for 20+ years:


The Solar Legacy PPA is a 20-year term and the cumulative savings over that period will transform your mission. Most organizations will not be required to make a first payment on the PPA until year 3.



Zero cash up-front gives you the freedom to start enjoying the savings fast including a dramatically lower monthly utility bill. The PPA includes all system design, engineering, installation, and permitting costs.



Maintenance is covered for 20 years leaving you with the freedom to focus on the savings. Solar does require inspection from time-to-time for optimum performance. Monitoring is included and will report back if anything is out of the ordinary.




Waiting will only cost your organization more.


2018 is becoming the “perfect-sun-storm” of solar benefits for non-profits. Rising utility rates in all of California are pushing over 11% and will have a huge impact on charitable organizations. Also, the Trump imposed Solar Module Tariffs will add another 5% on the cost of some solar by 2019. Taking advantage of The Solar Legacy in 2018 can put your non-profit organization on a path to savings that will help further your mission for years to come.

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